I’m surprised that I was able to write more topics than I imagined! Feel free to check these topics.. I explained further each topic. Enjoy reading!

Broken Lines – collection of poems, sonnets, even songs that I like or even created out from my imagination.

C.R.A.P – Cristian, Reggie, Alfred, Patrick. 4 cool dudes who became brothers that stood test of time! Some of our escapades, events and even meetings are here!

classics – Classic movies that I can say.. Timeless classic!

Flashbacks – memories are fragments of the past, whether good or bad, sweet or bitter.. Fun and cruel. Enjoy checking these flashbacks of mine!

friends – Life is not fun without friends. I have some of it and of course, share their stories!

Happy! – Not all of my life is sad. Of course, some moments of mine are happy!

Ironic Life!! – Simply my journal thru this very ironic life of mine. You’ll see my mixture of emotions and events.. Great thing, I’m still here, moving forward!

Japan – All of the sudden, I love this country! I have some topics discussed about this country. I’ll add more posts about this country. As of the moment, they are few. Gomen!

Jdrama – One of the reasons I fell in love to Japan, these jdramas!!! I review some of them and I’ll add more!!! Yatta!

Love – Love is a many splendid thing! I love not only persons or people but all the things around me. Whether it’s a choice or preference, life should have Love!

Movies – I love movies since my childhood, so I love watching them. Unfortunately, I watched some bad apples! hahaha

Not showing – Simply, films not shown here in my country that I was able to watch thru, other ways. hehe

Others? – hmmmm I made some series of post that I did not continue until today. However, I also written some articles that I can’t categorize. hehe

points of view – I see things in a different way, or in a different time or my 2 cents. Whatever!

reviews – I reviewed movies, foods and even my life. Always!

Ring! Ring! – I planned this like my book about my journey in the BPO industry. I can’t believe it became longer. It will finish soon. =)

unplanned my favorite topics. No holds barred spontaneous writing. On the spot!