A Year of Jdrama

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A year of Jdrama

Yes, after starting to watch these dramas last year, it continued until this moment. It means, this won’t stop. hehe Right now, while I’m writing this, I’m watching episode 86 of Welkame which I found it, interesting, a study why this asadora was the lowest rated in the history of Asadora. More of that later. hahaha  Continue reading

unplanned 8

Happy new year ulit!!!! Waaah.. Kapagod ang mga unang araw ng January, sobrang pagod, medyo delay ang posting. hehe Anyway, wala pa naman bago. Marami lang talaga akong gagawin this year. Sa shop, house, life and other things.
Ah, I watched lost in translation, very good movie, and ayun downloaded some stuff pa. hehe I have already plans for these coming months and if that work, well, good!!! Sana lang mangyari, pag hindi, patay tayo diyan.hehe
Many good films pala will be coming this week, sherlock holmes, and zombieland!!! Napanood ko na yun zombieland. hehe Galing ni Woody talaga dun. Sherlock Holmes, a lock in critics and fans, a different take daw. Macheck nga. hehe Avatar, I gave up on that since xmas. hehe

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