Eye of the Beholder

As I gaze outside the window, I feel more dazed. Asking myself, why I’m doing this. Why I’m seating here in a jam packed bus, waiting for 8 to 9 hours to get into my destination. Continue reading


Bad Deed

Wednesday morning was good, however I done something stupid.I’ll keep it to myslef. Hehe I tried to push my luck, but I wasn’t lucky. After taking a cold bath in a rush, we went to the shop right away. Pagbukas ng shop, parang malas ata ako ng araw na yun. Wala masyado benta. Sa hapon nakabenta ako ng unit pero sa cards, yun ata ang pinakamababa benta ko sa tagal ko dito. Peste talaga. Hehe I said to myslef mukhang I am so unlucky, karma striked me I guess. Punishment. Hehe

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Threefolds (part 2 of 3)

Of course, after Thursday, there was Friday, puyat. The much awaited reunion kuno ng 4ba1. Hehe I texted Atty. Indot, este Al pala nga mga hapon. Sabi nya nun una, baka kauntil lang pumunta kasi kaunti lang din nagconfirm. Anak ng tokwa, parang birthday lang niya ha. hehe Pero sure na si Joanne, so parang anim lang ang pupunta, hehe 3 abogado, Ivan and Joanne. At first, malungkot kasi pakaunti ang pumupunta sa reunion na pinakamagaling na section sa batch namin (feel free to react!) hehe

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last workday of the week?!

yes!! at last.. the day has come.. after this, I can rest.. hehe anyway, nothing changed, except I was able to watch the ending of Voltes V.. good ol days.. hehe so good thing that I was able to recover from last week’s sickness.. well, I was able to watch Mapua and Baste in the NCAA games yesterday.. Mapua almost won the game if they just made the right decisions.. damn.. hehe so they lost actually.. Air 21 won!! they beat up Ginebra so bad that even Helterbrand won the Best Player and their import as Best Import.. they lost, by a margin of almost 30 points!!! hahaha Al will be so dissappointed.. hehe even on odds, plus 10 for Air 21.. they will lose.. hehe lost.. sorry.. Continue reading