Let Loose at La Luz!

Hay, after that pressured packed week, mabuti na lang talaga at etong company na to may summer outing! hehe It’s been a while since di pa ko nag company sponsored summer outing! Last time was around 3 years ako, CME pa. But that was fun, this time, fun din. =)  I heard na this place which is right at San Juan, Batangas eh maganda daw at ok sa amenities. I heard well sa team mate, at dating ka team mate ko sa 24/7 which mukhang lagi siya nagpupunta dun. Continue reading


The Avengers

5 films for all the major characters, including some minor characters, and a long time of waiting, a great tease and they just assembled at the right time!!! Yeah.. I don’t care if we had a hard time watching it.. Geez..
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Back to the Barrio

After winning the whopping prize sa contest in the FS townhall, of course, napunta lang sa pamasahe.. Oh Christ.

Yes, all was set after winning the contest, plano agad was to have a team building right away since ayun, maghihiwalay na ang Team Jo-anne.. It is sad that we heard yun balita but well, change is inevitable.

Nevertheless, we need to move on and enjoy the last moments of being part sa the best team ng FS!!! Yehey! hehe Continue reading

Team Member

I already forgot how many teams I’ve been.. Different TL’s, then different team mates and of course, different companies. Still, I am the one left in the end… To tell you the truth, I’ve never requested to change teams unless well, what the client/company needs or what they feel best for me or I don’t know for the team? I don’t think so. hehe
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the 3rd team building

Of course, after a fast shift, Friday shift, we went right away to Greenbelt 3 by riding, well, 4 cabs. Kasi marami kami. hehe 4 separate cabs brought us to Greenbelt 3. Nung nakarating kami sa Greenbelt 3, we went straight sa Seatle’s Best as Fanty suggested. So nasa labas kami kasi para sa mga nagyoyosi, pero may parang sala setting na din na pwede pumewesto para matulog. So we talked a lot while waiting for our food which I don’t have any idea what TM and Fanty ordered for the whole team. hehe After like 20 mins of waiting, the drinks were served first. Continue reading


Well, eto na ang araw na kailangan makisabay ako sa Microsoft Vista. Yikes, pero mukhang di pa rin maiiba ang peception ko sa Vista. hehe Basta pag ako may bagong build na computer, mag ubuntu pa rin ako and/or xp pro. May bago nga pala version ang ubuntu this coming end of the month. Our team building plans have changed, we will visit again Redbox in Glorietta this coming Saturday, so sing along and eat all you can again! 3rd Team Building na to ha, wala nito sa ePLDT or HSBC, remember, it’s free. hehe Ang sarap dito!!!

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