Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The last time I watched a movie in IMAX was Iron Man 2. I suppose that it was kinda a very bad sign. That feeling of uneasy started, well thanks to that final trailer! Great job! Continue reading


unplanned 74

Ha! Di ako susulat sa huli ng March. hehe Para maiba naman. Kakagaling ko lang sa party ni Lolo, at ang sarap ng lengua. hahaha 

Hmmmm I’m taking this short time to rest and move on to let’s say, a new path for me. This will determine my future. I want to make sure, I don’t want to go back and yes, taking my own path. Malalaman natin yan in the next weeks. I hope, there will be, progress. Continue reading


Wow, after almost 2 hours of watching this flick.. Two things I learned. First, Ryan Reynold’s career will be revived. Another thing, it’s going to be like Iron Man 1 or Dredd film feeling. So damn right hero flick! hahaha After the first trailer shown last year, I was curious that Marvel will release a foul mouthed, violent hero flick?! Another surprise to me, was this anti-hero, it’s a fan favorite which I don’t have an idea of. That says, I’m kinda not really into comic book world these days or perhaps years. Although I love how he looks, I almost mistaken this hero to Snake Eyes or Spawn. Continue reading

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The long title it has, the short this blog is. Well, I haven’t wrote a review for a bad film for a long time. hehe Anyway, yeah.. I can’t believe I spent money for this film. Although the one to blame is me, I just love the character from the comics. I even watched the first film before. But as other comic adaptations go, some of them just ended up this bad.
Continue reading