DOTA heroes!

(Flame Spirit)

I haven’t done this in a long time. Muntikan ko na itong kalimutan!!! haha Dahil medyo tinatamad ko pa ayusin itong series na to, mag taglish muna ako ok? Flame Spirit? At first I just accidentally looking for a new hero to play. Kung baga, naeexpand na ko ng ibang hero na gusto ko gamitin. Si Axe eh di naman lagi pwede sa team, o kahit yun Traxex eh di lahat ng oras buenas. Kaya naghanap na ko noon ng bago hero malalaro. Continue reading


apocalypse (1 of 3)

A time at night, after you closed the shop, walked out, saw a lot of people at road, confused and dazed then I thought, what time was it? What happened to this place? I know it rained hard but never thought, it will like in a bad sci fi movie. It’s like in the set of Mad Max. Or, I am Legend. Everybody seems to be lost.

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