Boltes V

Siyempre we all know Voltes V is one of the fave anime favorites. Tanong mo pa si Kuya Allan, which well, wayback Marcos days, it was a childhood staple, an awaited fantasy form for kids.. A way that kids at that time imagined how to be a hero driving a big bad mecha/robot!!!
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Lips like Sugar

Tama na ang pagiging malungkot. hehehe Or emo or whatever you call it. Grabe this week. Kailangan pa din makabawi. Bad trip. hehe
Pero bakit nga ba yun title eh ganun? Hmmm, one of my favorite songs, especially at the new wave age. I never thought dati ha na magugustuhan ko tong kanta. Grabe nun napakinggan ko yun kanta, kala ko U2. hehe Hindi, sweet yun kanta saka it describes a girl you like, and literally, has lips like sugar. Ang sweet. hehe

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Age Of Consent

Hay naku, the extension of my agony starts today. hehe After my shift yesterday, I went home, do the usual stuff and watched Conan. Anak ng tokwa, tapos na pala yun Conan, yun here lang sa GMA, sa Japan, di pa tapos. hehe Papalitan na ng Street Fighter V. So no reason to turn on my TV at weekday mornings. hehe After that, I went down and do some stuff for my computer. Continue reading