broken lines (collection 44)

Darn I’m hungry, can’t think yet for a new one. Just discovered a new great song anyway. Continue reading


No Surprises

I thought, at first, the title of the song is Planet Telex which of course, incorrect. I finally got the right title and yes, why it’s second? Because it’s a good lullaby song and makes me sleep. Damn that rhythm making me sleep, but the lyrics and Thom’s voice, I know, it will make me sleep. A good night sleep. =)
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Third Song. Actually, they have a lot of songs to choose from but I chose this from their great Kid A album because.. It brings back the JD style of music, digital yet, somehow experimental rock track. Another is the feel of it, it’s great coming from a great players, from bass, some synthesizers and most of all, drums. Electricfying! Continue reading