Eye of the Beholder

Its the first time in a while I’ve been in this place. I was kinda hesitant not because I don’t want to go but its just the bad weather. I’m seeing a lot of frogs plus muddy surface. But thank God, we got here safe. Continue reading


Good Morning Show

When I watch a Japanese morning show, I wonder how they prepare and how it works. Plus, why they look like that. hahaha Very bright, light, annoying cue cards and of course, beautiful looking people. Continue reading


I hope we did. hehe Good luck in the risk I took this week, sana umikot. At sana pumasa kaming lahat ng training and to start a normal life. hehe Yes, di ko pa napapanood yun Hurt Locker kahit ilan beses ko nagsulyap, scanning, review, pero watching it, nope. Preoccupied I guess.. Ah yes, I watched the new movies I got before the Hurt Locker. hehe I seem to forget.. Anyway…

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What a day, I thought it won’t end good. Hehe Even palapit na ang xmas eh I feel just tired or whatever. hehe Or even worry. Time is indeed fast. A bliss passed by my face, already 9 months? Well, what can I say… Did I reach something at this time. Most importantly, masaya ba ako?

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