unplanned 95

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Buti na lang tapos na ang sakit. Hehe However, tiring days are yet to come. Some days, I’m in welcome branch, some days, I’m here in the dreaded main branch sa suki. Sa sobrang pagod ko kahapon, nakalimutan ko maligo. Hehe Nakaligo this morning lang. Kung alam niyo pano imanage itong main, parang 60 cases na SMB sa Dell. Hehe sakit sa ulo, marami customer tapos at the end of the day, sabi ni kuya, oh bakit ang baba? What!? He is referring to sales and cash out. Crap. Hehe

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one faithful day 2…

Nasa kotse na ko with Kuya Alpro and Ate Jenny, I am so powerless, groggy, lost and wasted. Di ko pa rin alam kung anong nangyari that time. However, I was able to say, “Kuya, sa St. Luke’s ha, may medicard ako..” So, he followed and used his initial D skills to get there, parang nasa drag race ako that time. Every moment, I thought this is it. I can’t avoid thinking it maybe the end of the road for me, I still can’t feeling anything, I thought I can lay forever. Nagiisip na din ako that time, if it’s goodbye for me, pano na? My family, friends and some people important for me. Many thoughts coming at that time, yet I can’t move or speak that long. Parang nastunned talaga ako. Crap. Of course, Kuya Alpro and Ate Jenny, keeps talking to me since I am kinda lifeless. Naku, nakuha pa nga magbiro ni Kuya Alpro, para lang magising lang ako. hehe Continue reading

one faithful day…

After watching a NBA game in a simple Saturday afternoon, I slept right away without eating lunch. hehe I was so tired after that dreaded week, but with a good sleep, I was able to get some energy. Anyway, I just slept and woke up around 10pm then do some scanning especially with the virus scans I have. I slept again at 1am and like a normal day for me at Saturday night. Now coming on Sunday, I woke up early since it is Nov. 2 and I advised Kuya Alpro to come with them visiting Loyola after the Sunday Mass. I took a bath very early and prepared as well. At that time, I feel normal, no worries or whatever, hehe
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blue screen of death!

bad trip, I am typing an important event here then that blue screen of death showed up. Bad trip, di ko pa nasave. hehe Well, I will just post that tomorrow. Wala naman ako ginawa last night, or Saturday, medyo tinamad ako. hehe Natulog ako ah, before that, naglaro ako sa PS2 ng KOF with a broken controller. Then natulog nako na natulog. After that, I woke up early today, then do the usual stuff. Watched how Suns torched the Blazers, also how the Hitman won today, na no match with the Magic Man. Ewan ko kung bakit Magic Man tawag sa kanya, wala nagawa yun magic niya to win the fight. hahaha


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masakit na balikat

grabe, pag gising ko ng hapon.. sumakit ang balikat ko sa kanan.. malamang ang dahilan eh sa bowling na nilaro namin nung Lunes.. hehe pero un sakit naman hanggang braso lang naman.. buti na lang di masyado masakit un sa daliri ko, di kagaya dati nung una ako naglaro ng bowling.. hehe kaya pa naman ng balikat kong ito.. Continue reading

still sicko

damn, well I was able to go to work but not 100%.. crap.. I still feel sick.. damn.. I drank some bioflu but I believe, it’s still not enough.. it’s like I feel I have a slight fever.. damn.. sorry for the bad words.. hehe I am kinda of dizzy.. this is a different sickness unlike when I went from Sagada.. my body is stiff but not my head, or dizzy.. but this time, I came from a fever and just got here in work walking like drunk.. hehe maybe because I am not fully recovered.. when I am riding a jeep coming to work, I am sweating a lot.. even it’s night and cold, but I am still sweating a lot.. Continue reading

sicky and iffy

yes, when I woke up this morning, I feel so weak and like I am having a fever.. damn.. but I can stil go to work later.. hehe maybe because of so much thinking of my problems.. like I said before, it’s like a curse.. whatever.. SONA will be coming later.. I don’t care what she says.. but one thing is for sure.. all she will say are lies.. Continue reading

getting old on the 3rd day..

yes, I never thought that I will get old that fast I guess.. hehe my eyes get blurry so I need to wear my glasses almost all the time.. so poor of me.. anyway.. after 4 days of getting stressed out.. at last, at the very last day.. we are avail at least.. hehe so there will be a small feast later, after my shift, but I will sleep first.. I hope they will come.. my best friends of course.. hehe when I woke up at 7pm, my auntie from Laguna came at our house.. my sister as well came to the house with her family.. it’s like a reunion.. and I know there will be many reunions to come because June is our birthday month.. in my family.. I may get fat for this month.. hehe oh well, last day is not only laid back but also easy.. I love it.. hehe time is fast for this day.. Continue reading