Huawei Mate 10

I was thinking last year, what will be a great gift for me. After all the trouble, blessings, struggles and success.. Well, guys I should choose LG V30 because I got V20 before and I saw the reviews but in the end.. Continue reading



Ah not about her, or the anime under the same name which is so confusing. Great drawing though from CLAMP…

I just thought of getting which series from Nokia to go for. Well, from E business series which quite promising.. Or how about the surprising C series which I think, it stands for Casual phones. From C1 to C7.. Well C1 dual sim is quite a crap.. They did a dual sim phone which not in the standby mode. How about C5 that has ehem 3 mpeg camera, with large memory but it’s hard to carry.. Damn..
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sapphire vault

Nah, it’s not a card in Magic the gathering, or any deck. hehe
Of course, naisip ko lang kung ano ipapangalan ko sa 6300 ko. I should give it a name isn’t it? It’s like, an honor to it. Kasi marami na siya pinagdaanan. I’m proud to say that after all the things happened in my life, it is still here. Turned off and resting. Kasi may china phone na ko. Give it a rest will ya? hehe

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first week of normality.

Like I told you, more “normal” words to come. hehe Anyway, what a first week. Getting up in the morning then go to the shop, sell some stuff. I am thinking putting that shop here. hehe I know it was kind of tiring, because unlike sa work, you will only work for 5 days, but this one, I need to come to the shop for 7 straight days. hehe So ang off ko eh now lang, Sunday, afternoon. 

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