Empire Records vs. Singles

For all 90’s rock themed films, these two for me are the best. Actually one of them, I can say might be in my top 100 films, the other, cult classic. Not bad isn’t? Continue reading


OST Vol 2

I know that I have adored most of the OST I heard from various films. I thought these recent years films will not focus of doing great OST.. I failed to recognize such efforts for these past films I watched with great OST.. It’s not popular but one thing is for sure, they are getting better!
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unplanned 38

Now, di na ko pupunta ng GH, kasi wala pa naman ako pera pang bili ng kailangan ko. hehe This past weeks were hectic for me. Ulan dito, ulan doon! Bwisit. hehe Now, maaraw na, nalaban na yun mga damit at higit sa lahat, yun mga shoes ko medyo nalinis na. Pupunta na ko sa Japan Film Fest sa UP since yun flicks eh di ko makita sa aking source. hehe
Besides, makapasyal nga sa UP, at libre naman yun showing, so ayun.

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