unplanned 57

Indiana, paano ba yan, parang pinahirapan niyong buo na line up whole season, boom panes! hahaha Sabagay, game 3 pa lang. Pero ang nagpapahinga sa kanila kasi yun play nila na dalawa lang. Pick and roll and set up shot kay David West. O Iso kay Bad Lance or Paul George na di naman consistent. Di naman shooter kasi yun dalawa. O kahit isa sa mga team nila. Kakatawa.. Tignan natin. hehe
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getting old on the 3rd day..

yes, I never thought that I will get old that fast I guess.. hehe my eyes get blurry so I need to wear my glasses almost all the time.. so poor of me.. anyway.. after 4 days of getting stressed out.. at last, at the very last day.. we are avail at least.. hehe so there will be a small feast later, after my shift, but I will sleep first.. I hope they will come.. my best friends of course.. hehe when I woke up at 7pm, my auntie from Laguna came at our house.. my sister as well came to the house with her family.. it’s like a reunion.. and I know there will be many reunions to come because June is our birthday month.. in my family.. I may get fat for this month.. hehe oh well, last day is not only laid back but also easy.. I love it.. hehe time is fast for this day.. Continue reading