hay, at last!!!! 2 weeks of hard work and now, I am here at my fave spot. My sanctuary. My room. Listening to Kaskade and I’m like in a daze.. So, delay na nga ito, dapat nung 21 pa. hehe Oh!!! Di natuloy yun painom ni Dennis, masyado ata napasarap ang honeymoon sa Bohol. hehe

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UAAP’s competitor when it comes to college basketball. hehe Now, with PCU backing out and invited 3 colleges to try this league since they are kinda champions in their respective leagues, let me share kung sa kangkungan sila pupulitin o malamang final four. hehe

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burn out

That’s what I can say as of today. As of this moment. Life is really ironic. After the team eat out due to the prize we got on Friday, we ate at Dencio’s here at eastwood. hehe It’s really a great feeling when your team was able to do it’s best and get yourselves rewarded. Saka masarap ang libre sa mga panahon na ‘to. hehe After that, medyo groggy ako at nakauwi agad sa bahay, at of course, Ron texted me if we are still on for the magic night. Continue reading

then there’s game 3

In the NCAA Finals ha. hehe Siyempre, wala naman bago kahapon. Parang wala lang. hehe I am ready to go to Ron’s house, sorry Nick, nasa Singapore ka. haha By the way, I finished some errands yesterday and went to Joanne’s workplace, I was surprised that her workplace is near my house, just a jeepney ride away. However, we are not able to meet because of work. So I will just check when I can meet her next week. She will tell me how she end up working there?! So after those waiting and fixing some things, I was able to sleep and woke up around 4:30pm. Around 6 hours of first sleep, and I turned on the TV and the Game 2 already started. Continue reading


Well, yesterday was a simple day. Actually, I was not able to visit Dad and Algerro due to some commitment yesterday. It was a tiring test. hehe Although it’s a simple test, but it’s so long and tiring, I almost fell asleep. hehe I just want to take a chance of it, let’s see what they will offer. If it’s bad, I will stay here!! hahaha At first, I am kind of lazy but I thought that I have nothing to lose if I tried it, like the last test I took. hehe So I tried and there, I think I gave good answers but some no. 

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anyway, that’s the word for today! hehe See in my previous blog? That’s what I get when I express myself so much. hahaha But that’s fine, thanks for the comment bro. The result of waiting our bonus did good, even waiting for an hour. hehe But that’s ok, the only problem is, I was not able to finish fixing the downloads for the zune, I only slept so long yesterday!! Damn. Continue reading


After updating the software of zune and downloading some stuff, I was able to convert some vids and put in my zune. Unfortunately, 2 vids are kind of weird so I will download it again after my shift later. hehe I was not able to download the song evidence as well, because I am so sleepy and tired. hehe Katamaran or katams for short. hehe Continue reading