Musical Paralysis

I read this article at, and I think I already had this. hehe Chance the rapper, KPOP, kahit yun mga pinoy artists or even bands, wala na.. Di ko na sila kilala at malamang I’m just relieved na sa sounds ko at yun alam ko. Hmmmmm napaisip ko, when did I stop listening to new artist or even searching for one. Continue reading


Nippon Benkyo: おんがく

One post is not enough to really describe Japanese Music or others call Jpop. As other people went bananas with Kpop or well, new pop artists.. I restrained hearing other sounds of today. Except for Jpop and want it can offer. You can see some pictures in this post as I show some of the Japanese artists I love. One thing is for sure, I’m not into Idol music. hehe But if has great looking idols, why not like those. haha Continue reading

almost gone: Music/Video shops

When I went sa ATC, years ago, siguro mga first time ako pumunta dun, tanging mall lang na may Tower Records! I mean that famous tower records na galing states. All kinds of records, mapa video, CD’s and may vinyl collection pa sa basement. Dun ko din nakita yun box set ng Joy Division na di ko nabili kasi walang pera. hahaha Which eventually pagtagal nagkaroon na di ako dahil sa mabait kong english trainer!  Continue reading

United Kingdom

I’ll make this short and sweet for this country. =) I like calling it United Kingdom than Great Britain.

As I move forward to this description, I can say that from the other three, this is my favorite!

Thanks to the world’s local bank.. I’ve experienced interaction with this country. Oh, how about the films I’ve watched, almost all of them from this country.
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