unplanned 74

Ha! Di ako susulat sa huli ng March. hehe Para maiba naman. Kakagaling ko lang sa party ni Lolo, at ang sarap ng lengua. hahaha 

Hmmmm I’m taking this short time to rest and move on to let’s say, a new path for me. This will determine my future. I want to make sure, I don’t want to go back and yes, taking my own path. Malalaman natin yan in the next weeks. I hope, there will be, progress. Continue reading

unplanned 67

Wow, Friday na. hehe Just watching the NBA draft at parang nakakagulat yun Okafor na napunta pa sa Philly? Kidding me right? hehe Anyway…

Next week will be a different week for me. Maybe it’s time for the start of change.. Changes pala.. Actually I recently had a start na. It’s kinda weird pero well, let’s see.  Panalo na Alaska mamaya. hahaha Hay, grabe, sayang ang CLE pero mabuti naka 2 panalo pa. Sobrang partida. Paano kung kumpleto line up nila? Patay na GSW? hehe Pero di ko naman hate ang GSW, I like them kaso kung nasan si Lebron, doon ako! 

Hmmmm if everything went well starting Monday, ah I might sound weird in my next post. Baka thinking din, kasi I’m studying something. So, yun lang. Self study. Darn, it will be a self study months for me. Grabe, I need a lot of guides for these lessons. 
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unplanned 50

Before taking a rest, eto.. I can’t believe I’ll have a rest for sometime. Rest from work, errands, or even some troubles. hehe Gusto ko pa naman manood ng Cine Filipino kaso mahal 150! Yun sa SM naman na Master Edition, it’s all serious work, 100 pesos, kaso nashort ako. Nanood kasi ng Elysium. hehe 
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unplanned 33

When I first heard na si Michelle Williams has a film about Marilyn, saw the trailer at ayun, sabi ko may pagasa to manalo na this year. Kaso, yun nakita ko yun kay Meryl Streep in Iron Lady, sabi ko.. Bad trip, ayaw niya magpatalo. Bwisit. hehe Hay, sorry Michelle, next time na lang. I knew it, she will lose to Meryl, on that trailer alone, I knew Meryl has another strong performance.

Anyway, for the Artist, I’m looking forward na mapalabas dito, yun about kay Marilyn damn, kung wala lang ako lakad, manonood ako. Congrats to the oscar winners today. Especially Christopher Plummer, grabe when I saw yun beginners, sorry to Nick Nolte and Jonah Hill, I though Nick will win, but in the beginners, wala na. Sure na si Christopher! hehe What a role for him..

Wow, I’m grateful na matatapos ko yun 20 posts for this month, that including the 5 I missed last January. I had a lot of decision making of sorts pero mukhang I’ve made a decision na. To delay somethings and gawin ko na yun dapat na simulan for this year, for a change.
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Movies 100

At last, ayos na, century marking of pirating!!!! hehehehe

After 2 years na, umabot na ko sa 100 DVD’s that I can keep. hehe

Anyway, it’s a great thing that I was able to collect and well, keeping this for a very long time. Sana my dvd player na kahit malaki ang file, play agad. hahaha Para di na magconvert.
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