Transporter Refueled

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m a transporter film fan, even I did not watch the short TV series. hehe Well at the first news they said that a new actor will act for the transporter, I was skeptic who will act this one. They also planned that to reboot the story.  I don’t what Besson is doing for his past films, even they were produced by him. I think the only one I can say successful film he produced, was Lucy. But that was not really good film, story wise. 

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Biri Gal

Hmmmm, aksidente ko lang napanood ito saka di ko trip yun gyaru, or kung baga blonde style na haponesa.. Yes, this film was about a simple high school girl na talagang wala na siya plano sa buhay lalo’t wala naman nagsupport sa kanya. All she does, party in  a gyaru outfit with her friends and have fun. Very simple girl with not a very bright mind as well. Paano ba naman, eh yun klase nya patapon. hahaha Continue reading


Well, Dad loved it because of the luscious scenery all throughout the film. For me, I hope I could have used the free ticket to watch Popoy and Basha. hehe I’ll tell you why, it’s not what I hoped for.
Everybody has high expectations for the film, after the very successful Skyfall, they or we expect if not better, a good follow up Bond film.  Continue reading