Flashbacks: Meeting a friend


Well, what can I say.. Maybe I can work as a tourist guide for Japanese tourist. hahaha Kidding aside. 2 months ago, my friend all of the sudden told me that she will go here in the Golden Week. Golden Week in Japan is always around first week of May. Long holiday, well almost 1 week. hehe Continue reading


flashbacks: CRAP DOTA nights!

Kala ko mamaya mayroon pero mukhang busy ang tatlo. hehe Itong si Igz, nanisi pa na ako daw dahilan kung bakit naaddict sa DOTA. hahaha Inaalala ko nga yun. Well, ok lang. Instead kasi na kain, or asaran lang or magtsismisan kina Igz, aba ngayon, basta si Doc may dalang dalawang laptop tapos yun laptop ni Igz at ako sa desktop na, ayun sugod sugod na sa base ng scourge! hahaha Continue reading

Randomly Alive Meeting

Of course, this time, I won’t miss the RAM reunion kahit well kahit kaunti pumunta. hehe Nung sinabi sa kin sa December 15 ang meeting namin, aba totally block ang mga gagawin ko for that day. That’s how special this team is.. I expected na pupunta halos lahat but due to some commitments ng other members, even si TL eh randomly, kami na lang natira.  Continue reading

"The Big Meet"

As I walk in the dark streets of Kanlaon beholds of such excitement that I got and will getting at that time. I just came from a party of Khaye which I gave the very first part of my blog. I hope she liked it.
It was a simple birthday party for her yet the food was astounding. Damn, my diet was ruined, especially the kare kare and fried letchon. Damn, that dude is a good match to mom in terms of cooking. hehe

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"I’ve Seen Enough"

Yes, of course, after Friday shift, and the break up of my former team, so we ate naman and chill out and heard some chismax at Starbucks, here at Eastwood. Meaning, I was not able to go to the doctor on Saturday. (Besides, I am way ok now, except for the diet of course) Masaya ang bonding time with my team mates for 2 months, pero yun nga lang, sayang. Well, changes do happen in a very short time. Anyway, after 12pm, and siyempre, naisip ko na din umalis, I knew that I can go to Rockwell na lang and meet Raims for the bazaar at Rockwell. Ivan won’t come (sorry dude!) and William is doing the audiobooks that he promised to Raims. Mainit init nung binigay ni William kay Raims. hehe Well, I just remember what Nache told me to go or where to ride going to Rockwell. Ride the MRT, go down at Guadalupe, and lastly, ride a jeep going to Rockwell. It was an easy ride, except for the jeepney part.
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paper management

Well, I will just do the post tomorrow for the events happenend this last weekend. hehe Let’s move forward to yesterday. Monday was a simple day, I thought makakapanood ko pa yun ALA vs. SLR, pero sumubra ata tulog ko, 12 am na ko nagising, so malamang tapos na yun laban. hehe So I slept again and checked the results yesterday. I was able to watch the TNT vs. SMB and it was a thrilling match, iba na talaga si Cardona, may ipagyayabang talaga. hehe Continue reading