Magic the Gathering: Missing playing

Damn, I miss my 3 decks. My Dredge deck, the burn deck and my black weenie deck that rely on first turn Dark Ritual trick. I just want to share my opinions about this, as years goes by, I think it’s a dying hobby. No more major tourney happening near in my area, what’s worse, some small shops have closed. Continue reading


Off the Charts

This year is a record of sorts in my blog post. Of course, this year, it has the most post than 2 years ago! What a promising growth! Is there any financial improvement for this? I don’t think so.. =)

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59 beses

I read of course, Gospel yesterday and the sharing from kerygma, na there was a person, killed her husband, by stabbing 59 times because of laziness, drinking, pambabae, at eto pa, yun asawa, tried to kill her wife, so siyempre, nagaway sila, defended herself, kaya ayun nataga yun asawa niya. Katakot. Pero in her part naman, siguro napuno na din siya, kasi isang taga lang naman sigurado todas ka na di ba? hehe Pero baka yun nga, long agony of being married then it’s not really working and ganun pa napangasawa mo di ba? Well, everybody makes a change, and because of her faith to God, Jesus, ayun, nakalaya siya because of good behavior. Continue reading

coming at the 3rd team building.

Yes, after today’s shift which is the last day of the workweek, we will be having our 3rd team building. For free. hehe Hay, wala pa ko isang taon dito ay may team building lagi na libre. Sarap naman. hehe Well, di lang naman yun ang nagustuhan ko dito, but of course, other benefits and org structure here at Dell. It’s just simply great. That’s all I can say. hehe Continue reading

after the trip

Oh well, tapos na ang bad trip, let’s move forward. hehe After ng shift, dapat matutulog ako, kasi change of plans and just do some stuff. I arrived at Robinson’s Galleria and well, I haven’t been there for a while, like years?! hehe I came there to check the magic cards, and indeed it’s true. Pero puro type 2 naman ang nakita, pero nakita ko naman ang tournament ng magic na block format, nakakamiss maglaro! Next week, yun ang gagawin ko. hehe Anyway, pagkaya ko pa magbuo kahit isang type 2 na deck, sige gawa ako, interesting to play with so many players. hehe Continue reading


the name of the blog came from the new expansion in Magic the gathering game.. I only had a short sleep yesterday because it’s payday and unfortunately, bills came in of course.. money just slips away.. hehe after paying bills, I went to my friend and discussed the new expansion which is Eventide.. like I said in my previous blogs, this expansion really saves the best for the last.. it is the last expansion in the lorwyn block and it will rock.. hehe good thing, most of the strongest creatures are here, which can be used in type 1 play.. of course, I asked him, since he will be joining the prerelease event tomorrow and Sunday, I reserved some cards.. haha I wish I can go as well, Continue reading

better day

yes, at least I had a regular, non-stressed day.. after a hard day worked yesterday.. I was able to get a good rest, a good meal and well, relaxing sleep.. I watched TV but, it’s only Voltes V.. hehe hmmm nothing changed, since I only slept for about 8 hours, no interruptions.. by the way.. I saw another set of powerful cards in the new expansion.. so eventide really saved the best for last.. I still don’t have internet at the house since I am still waiting for the payday.. hehe oh well.. what’s running in my mind? hmmm… nothing as well, maybe I am just tired today because of the shift I guess.. Continue reading


hay, pagkatapos na kapetiks na trabaho noong biyernes.. tapos ng 18 tawag na natanggap ko.. nagpahinga muna ko sandali sa opisina kasi hinihintay ko un kaibigan ko na dadaan daw sa eastwood.. pero pagkatapos ng isang oras, di siya sumipot, ang rason, un, nakatulog.. hehe magaling na trabaho.. Continue reading