Alone in a wide room

It’s scary night due to this strong rain. I always look up at the ceiling because it may have some leaks. Yes, I thought my room will be fixed this mundane times even I exerted a lot of effort doing sales work and still not rewarded. Continue reading


Thirty Four

I’m glad CRAP still able to catch up. hehe Yesterday was kinda I felt iffy feeling that I’m now 34. I only got some breath of air yesterday as last week was kinda chaotic plus the immense pressure for the next weeks to study for the JLPT. But I admit, I won’t pass. haha I’ll study to give myself a fighting chance to at least answer the test right? Continue reading

Nippon Benkyo: ここ

As they are having problems teaching junior high school students, well.. Let’s talk about High School life in Japan. Over a year of experience of teaching english gave me a glimpse hmmm ideas how HS in Japan looks like. Plus I saw movies, dramas and yes, news.. One thing is for sure, it is slight better than us here in the Philippines. Continue reading