I just copied the title from a book written by a celebrity that I really like. =) Continue reading


unplanned 94

Actually, wala lang masulat today at nagpahinga ako kanina. Natatawa ako nun reunion last Friday. Saka ko na lang ipost yun. Sa ngayon, eh masasabi ko lang.. I’m so drained. inside and out. Physically, emotionally whatever.. Continue reading

Singled out

Ang bilis ng panahon. Dati lang eh siyempre may mga mayaya ka pa lumabas or kahit magchat or even talk to the phone. But well, as time goes by, and every single friend I’ve known have different priorities, can’t be disturbed. For the past years, ayun, masasabi ko na ramdam ko talaga na single ako. Continue reading

Strife in Life 2017

Honestly, masasabi ko na itong taon na to eh may parteng sobrang saya at sobrang pagod. May time naman na malungkot, di naman maiiwasan un. Masasabi ko din na mahirap pala talaga magasikaso at magtaguyod ng pamilya. Lalo na pag may mga alagain ka.. Nakakapagod, nakakaasar,nakakainis. Lalo na pag dumating na panahon na pati financially eh akukuin ko na. Daig ko pa ata nagpamilya ako. bwahahaha Continue reading

Thirty Four

I’m glad CRAP still able to catch up. hehe Yesterday was kinda I felt iffy feeling that I’m now 34. I only got some breath of air yesterday as last week was kinda chaotic plus the immense pressure for the next weeks to study for the JLPT. But I admit, I won’t pass. haha I’ll study to give myself a fighting chance to at least answer the test right? Continue reading

Nippon Benkyo: ここ

As they are having problems teaching junior high school students, well.. Let’s talk about High School life in Japan. Over a year of experience of teaching english gave me a glimpse hmmm ideas how HS in Japan looks like. Plus I saw movies, dramas and yes, news.. One thing is for sure, it is slight better than us here in the Philippines. Continue reading