Movies 100

At last, ayos na, century marking of pirating!!!! hehehehe

After 2 years na, umabot na ko sa 100 DVD’s that I can keep. hehe

Anyway, it’s a great thing that I was able to collect and well, keeping this for a very long time. Sana my dvd player na kahit malaki ang file, play agad. hahaha Para di na magconvert.
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dark secrets

Aha! Yes, I am a simple person. I am a private individual, I am a quiet person, yet I am getting these kind of gossips, chismax and dark secrets for free. hehe Some of them well, revealed for good. Some of them are still in keeps. hehe Maybe my network is kinda working good. I should have my own intelligence agency. hehe anyway, yesterday, I was able to watch Daimos. Mukhang patapos na talaga this week ito. hehe Siyempre, napanood din ako ng Conan. After that, I planned to sleep up to lunch time, but I ended up raising at 9pm. Damn. I rushed here at work and well I am here. 

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