KCON 2017 #Committed

How time flies fast? 6 years ago, the first KCON I’ve joined, well we were sitting on a lawn and just staring at the sky feeling the presence of God. It’s like Woodstock. haha Just kidding. Continue reading


Lifted High!

Despite it was for four days.. I didn’t really go for four days. I only went for one and half days. Hehe As much I want to look forward for a long spiritual rest or just a break away from all this stress.. Unfortunately, I can only enjoy such rest in these short 4 days. So I chose to really rest for 2 days then get myself away from work and just watching jdrama and almost doing nothing. I can say I had really a rollercoaster year.. I tried my best to come early for Saturday but I really need to maximize my rest so I was late for this day. I just looked forward what will I learn in these last days.  Continue reading

Be Empowered!

Still shocked and blessed from that very first talk.. Eh wala na kainan ito, deretcho na sa first class for the Saturday Edition. Unfortunately, as much I thrilled sa health talk eh nadelay. The only delay I experienced in this year’s KCON. I chose this talk kasi I’m now into healthy living, starting ha. hehe But the diet is there, then excercise na lang, nadelay ulit kasi well for personal reasons.

Continue reading

Be Empowered!

When I first heard that KCON this year is 4 days.. I thought, at first.. Paano yun? Mukhang maiipon ata ako ng VL. hehe Take note, forecast na agad kung may Sat Shift, at yes.. Tama, may Sat Shift. I prayed na Lord kahit LOA or VTO na ng Sat shift, basta makapunta. hehe Or maaprove lang yun Thursday and Friday ok na. Continue reading