Wow, of course, as I went to the confession many times, one of the constant penance, advice or reminder to my by most priest is pray the rosary. Continue reading


A Prodigal Son

One of the beloved and well known parables in the bible. A very long gospel which endears me most especially at times that I kinda slip due to my sins.. Di ko akalain, sa dami ng parables na gusto ko basahin or memorize, eto yun parang tumitigil ang mundo ko or it always giving me fits… Kung baga, parang, mapapaisip at mararamdaman mo na talagang mahal ka ni God.  Continue reading

A week of Lent

Well, summer na talaga.. After doing odd jobs, at last I can take a rest and have a time with Him.. Starting tomorrow until he rises up. Matagal na ko di nagspend ng holy week na walang regular work. Hmmm.. Parang the last time ata, which what, college? Geez, what a way to revisit lenten season without the pressure of earning. I mean last year, yun shop sarado lang ng Good Friday.

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Even today, they asked for some load.. Geez.. It never stops at least for a day.. =)

Anyway, I was able to sleep good today, get some rest and got some murmuring aside, I mean talking to myself. I do that everyday but for this time, I was really into just all alone and contemplating and reflect.. My life per se. Continue reading