Nippon Benkyo: ここ

As they are having problems teaching junior high school students, well.. Let’s talk about High School life in Japan. Over a year of experience of teaching english gave me a glimpse hmmm ideas how HS in Japan looks like. Plus I saw movies, dramas and yes, news.. One thing is for sure, it is slight better than us here in the Philippines. Continue reading


classics: Fast times at Ridgemont High

While searching for good ol 80’s high school movies, there were a lot. Although my fave was Ferris Buehler’s Day off, there were a lot to choose from after that.. John Hughes movies like Pretty in Pink and The breakfast club. My brother’s favorite movies like weird science, earth girls are easy and others.. When I checked the list of great 80’s high school flicks, well.. I encountered one title that surprised me in those lists.. Fast times at Ridgmont High!

Damn, that movie simply did not disappoint me. =)
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