Sulit ba manood ng Pelikula ngayon?

Parang title ng isang movie di ba. hahaha Alam mo nanood ako kahapon ng Haunted Forest at talagang, grabe, alam ko naman panget na eh mas kinagalit ko.. Yun presyo ng ticket, 300php?! WTF!!!!!! Mas mahal pa siya sa Star Wars?! Continue reading


Lifted High!

Despite it was for four days.. I didn’t really go for four days. I only went for one and half days. Hehe As much I want to look forward for a long spiritual rest or just a break away from all this stress.. Unfortunately, I can only enjoy such rest in these short 4 days. So I chose to really rest for 2 days then get myself away from work and just watching jdrama and almost doing nothing. I can say I had really a rollercoaster year.. I tried my best to come early for Saturday but I really need to maximize my rest so I was late for this day. I just looked forward what will I learn in these last days.  Continue reading

last day of the workweek 2

yes.. and always.. been.. boring I guess.. hehe whoa, 60pesos a liter of gas!! starting today.. good job.. what the heck is happening in our country.. this is madness!! hehe lucky for me, I don’t have a car.. I believe it’s better not to have a car for these days.. seriously.. anyway, like I said yesterday, after just an hour, my pay gone away.. hehe just like that.. you won’t believe me but that is my situation.. broke.. this is so boring and tiring, I just slept for 6 hours and here, I came to work, and here, after my lunch I feel so lazy.. I just can’t wait to go home.. by the way, Joanne and I will visit Loyola park after my shift to check Prong’s grave.. so it will be a long walk in the park.. anyway, I do know now what to do in my days off.. since, Im broke, no where to go or whatsoever, I will just stay in one place, which is my house, specifically in my freaking room.. oh life.. it’s so gloomy.. most of the time..hehe when where will a time that I will end up really happy? like a very happy ending.. Continue reading