oo nga naman, pagpumayat ka marami kailangan iadjust.. pantalon, naku.. hehe Dati, I wear around size 38-40 waist line, ngayon, maluwag na sa kin ang 36, pati na din ang 34, pero tama lang, fit kung baga.

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As I stare to my picture taken by my bro Igz today at 2am, I told to myself I am become a prisoner of a nazi jewish deathcamp. hehe Waiting to be executed in days. Kasi sobrang payat ko daw. Wow. Well, sa tagal ko iniisip na I’m fat and things like about my weight like for years and starving due to stress and work, I realized, I don’t need to really go down in weight.

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As Rheg replied sa YM ko kaninang after shift, “Ano na ba nangyayari sayo?”, I replied, “Di ko alam bro.” Well, how you will answer such question that up to this moment, I do not know what is happening to my health. Well, even you’re in a diet and so forth, avoiding this and that, still you get sick. Life is pretty kinda ironic it seems. hehe Wala naman ako magagawa kundi tanggapin na lang and move on, do the right things to recover and well, stay happy and healthy. How I wish. hehe Continue reading


Yes, I have some coughs and colds today. I don’t know where I got it, but I am still here, at work. hehe Medyo queuing tonight but anyhow, right this moment, mukhang wala na ang mga peste, pagpahingahin naman kami. We had some team meeting about the what will be our future here. Despite the current economic crisis, we are still upbeat that we can reach our stats and keep my job here. hehe Now, xmas is coming fast, and I don’t know what will I expect. I just want to move forward next year and hope any of my plans will work. hehe Oh, may bazaar pala yun friends ko namely Claire and Raims, sa Friday at the Rockwell Mall, kaso di ata ko makakapunta kasi sa sakit ko this week saka dami ko gagawin on Friday like paying bills and etc. crap. hehe Pero let’s see, it may change. Continue reading

very tired tired tired

after my long shift, which is well, I thought it’s long.. I was able to go home to see Dad and Algerro.. and sleep for a long time I believe.. very long time.. anyhow.. I did not do anything for this day, oh there it is.. I was able to sleep.. hehe later, I will meet the 3 brothers.. for the celebration of Ian’s birthday!!! chicken for the road.. while I was sleeping, I am dreaming so many things.. most of them bad.. Continue reading


my last call.. well, she is crying and her name, seems familiar.. hehe anyway, I wish I could help her but since it’s not my scope.. I can’t help her further.. some customers like that, you’ll have pity on them.. sometimes that happen, it’s not the corporation’s fault, nor the customer.. so I hope her concern will be solved by our tier 2 agents.. Continue reading

back to work

well, I arrived to work.. kinda slacker attitude due to what happen to me from being sick.. but I just need to get back into the groove that I started since January.. hehe but I am fine.. ah, anyway, I will just catch up to rest on my days off.. as I mentioned last week, my plans for this week will change, drastically.. hehe because of what happened these past days.. got some motivation I guess.. Continue reading


anyway, some of my predictions don’t come true.. hehe like what happen yesterday.. UE was demolished by DLSU, simply because of lack of firepower and UE seems lost.. so, DLSU won easily.. by the way, NU won again, against UP.. so I think, it’s payback time.. hehe but anyway, nothing else to write on because after watching Voltes V, I was able to sleep longer.. hehe and days off is fast approaching and payday is today.. well, it will go away.. hehe Continue reading

got sloppy..

yes, for today, I got sloppy.. I went to work today.. but I did not eat dinner because .. actually at this moment, it’s dell elite awarding, kinda noisy at the background but well, I did not win.. that’s fine.. hehe I got a low CE for the month of April.. I just hope that I can catch up just for one more.. hehe one more for my team and for me.. anyway, nothing changed yesterday.. Dad is so busy that he doesn’t want to do a follow up medical check.. well, I just hope that he is fine always.. he should visit the doctor sometime just to make sure he is ok.. I haven’t slept for a while, Continue reading