Flashbacks: A Snake in down south

(disclaimer: This was my point of view then. For other details, ask him. hehe)

I was going to my sister’s house then.. As you know, she lives in Las Piñas and at that time, of course just starting at UST and yeah, meeting friends within UST and out. There was a girl that time, who well, girlfriend of one of my friends.. Then that time, SMS was the thing and it’s easy to communicate unllike these days with all that apps coming out. 
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unplanned 35

I hate timeline.. Damn, automatic siya naging profile ko sa FB. Do I have a choice?

Quite suprising my typing speed became 54wpm and 99% accuracy.. Yan ang nagagawa sa pagblog ko every month. Great typing excercise. hehe

For now, I’m just waiting for something. Job hunting might come to a thrilling end.

I’m very happy from last night kasi nagkita ang mga 2cpm peeps!!! Yeah, yun nga lang kaunti lang at wala yun mga promotor ng kalokohan dati. hehe

Damn, I got addicted sa Sonnets Vs. Haikus post, nabad trip na nga ko kasi late na ata magpost for this week. hehe Pero ok lang, I should study how to make a Sonnet. To write one perhaps. Gusto ko yun talaga English style. hehe British style indeed.
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unplanned 24

I am sweating all over today, weather is not that good. Too hot earlier, too rainy later.. Geez.. And yes, it’s already May 22 so, mali na naman ang prediction ng end of the world.. hehe

For me? If that day comes, I’ll just accept it. Besides God has the choice to do it.. =) I just don’t know kung san ako when that day comes. hehe

I am surprised again by the playoffs.. You can’t tell kung ang manok mo eh sure winner na kasi palitan ang panalo.. Kaso, ayun ang Memphis ko, bakasyon na. Pero I’m very impressed sa kanila. Next season, handa na kayo sa Grizz!!! hehe

Well, I am enjoying going to the Feast.. Thanks to Sir Rheg, and I’m looking forward on it sana every Sunday. hehe

Ano pa.. Great thing ayos na ang internet pero parang kailangan ilipat ito sa kwarto ko for some reasons..

Speaking sa kwarto ko, sobrang init pala dun. Mas mainit pa kaysa sa kwarto ko dati na kay Gerro na.. Grabe.. Geez. hehe
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The Counselor

“Bro, pakiss nga. Love you pare!”
Letche. hehe Ang sweet ng bro kong to. hehe May pagkabadet talaga itong si Rheg. Ganun ang text niya lagi. Bwiset. hehe Ah, ang guidance counselor pala. He did use what he learned from the Green Archers, BS Psych. Alam ko marami dapat ako ilagay dito, kasi sa dami ng name niya sa mga blogs ko, eh wala naman siya description or even introduction. Bwahaha

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Last Sunday, Rheg pestered me an invitation to watch a film called Twilight. Well, on that week alone, all the friends I asked, will be watching that film in the weekend. Good grief, even sa training, ayun lahat yun ang gagawin sa day off. hehe Even the book, siguro best seller na naman kasi nung may film, siyempre comparison na, so sige, bili din ng book. hehe Crap. I was not interested because first, I don’t really know what is this book or story is. Two, I watched the trailer, kinda good but I am guessing, who are they? hehe Number 3, everybody will be watching it, so it’s just about the hype.
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ngayon araw, ay miyerkules.. naks, hirap pala ispelling nito.. hehe pero mamaya ay huwebes na.. wala naman bago, pero siyempre nagbertday si Kuya Allan at nagpakain ng pizza!! ibig sabihin, hindi ako gutom ng pumasok ako ngayon araw!! hehe buti na lang.. pero ano pala bago.. oo nga pala Villa, wag kang magalala, lagi kitang pinapalangin sa iyong mga pangarap.. hehe galingan mo na lang ha.. hay, wala naman bago ngayon.. mukhang nakakabawi na ang San Beda ha.. dapat lang no, nakakahiya pag nasibak sila.. hehe Baste din umaariba.. Continue reading

back to work

well, I arrived to work.. kinda slacker attitude due to what happen to me from being sick.. but I just need to get back into the groove that I started since January.. hehe but I am fine.. ah, anyway, I will just catch up to rest on my days off.. as I mentioned last week, my plans for this week will change, drastically.. hehe because of what happened these past days.. got some motivation I guess.. Continue reading