Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker v2, cheap version

With the advent of removing headphone jack or placing mono speakers instead of stereo ones, the item is now becoming a necessity. Continue reading



Well, Dad loved it because of the luscious scenery all throughout the film. For me, I hope I could have used the free ticket to watch Popoy and Basha. hehe I’ll tell you why, it’s not what I hoped for.
Everybody has high expectations for the film, after the very successful Skyfall, they or we expect if not better, a good follow up Bond film.  Continue reading

Not Showing: Sting: Into The Light

I was surprised that Sting has a picture with the Sting from the Police! hehe Anyway, that was one of the shots that I liked when I watched this simple documentary. Thanks to Algerro’s favorite appetite to watch wrestling documentaries that week, I also enjoyed his viewing. For those who don’t know Sting, ah he’s one of the best professional wrestlers in history! The only or one of the great wrestlers outside WWF. For short, he’s kinda legendary..  Continue reading