Stay Faithful

Well, at last, I almost going to finish ng isang series sa the feast for the long time. Parang 1 and a half year ako nawala kahit nakakapunta ako pero not that regularly like 4 years ago. Continue reading

flashbacks: 30 years after

Wow, 30 years and 365th day is coming to a close. Can’t imagine that I’ll be a year older in after 8 hours. hehehe

Looking back those 30 years, this space won’t be enough and I must say that although I’m happy but not satisfied. Oh dear, I haven’t reach anything yet. hahaha However, despite the ongoing challenges I have or struggles not only within me but also around me, I can’t believe I’m still here. I realized He did give a purpose to live. 
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unplanned 41

Nakakagulat na aabot sa 41 editions of these spontaneous posts of my ironic life. hehe

Anyway, bago ako magaral for the exam tomorrow para sa product training eh feeling ko parang RAM ang work ko. Pero it’s a lot challenging and yes, may AHT na backoffice. RAM din ang seating, midshift ang sked kasi walang upuan. hehe But ok lang, weekends off and it’s a sign na mukhang makakaserve na. Naks.. Thanks!

Basta ang sure eh Sunday off, ok na.. Sana pagpumasa at natrain ako ng ibang queue eh pangumaga naman ang sked. 

Bit by bit I was able to fix some things, but not all of it pa. Due to budget constraints eh mukhang pagiipunan ko pa yun iba. 
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