Prayer for Friends

I pray to all my friends, whatever situation they are. Please guide them and please bless them. Thank you for having such friends who are helping me always. Continue reading


Circle of Friends: best friends, special friends and lovely friends

As you see, I have a lot of friends already.. hehe At may special group pa mga ito. Best friends well, I know most of us, should have only one best friend. I do really at kilala niyo naman siya di ba? At kasama pa yun dalawa. hehe Kaso in the passage of time at mga nangyari na din may mga nakilala pa ko na naging close ko na din.. Others I haven’t see it in person. =) Sa college ayun, from 2cpm, yan mga barkada ko lead by Joanne, tapos sila 2pel, at ang kumpareng Dennis. Yun, mga kaibigan ko na isa sa mga the best kasi sa kulitan at pagtagal, yun mga nakakausap ko at nakakasama.
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Circle of Friends: 2-CPM

As I thought, college won’t be easy.. But it made easy especially when my 1st 2 years in college was this very fun and exciting. Never thought na I’ll have more friends in college than in HS. Damn, now I’m that old eh I still have them, even not all of them, at least nagkikita pa din at kamustahan. Kakaloko nga eh, when I look those days, it was simply memorable..

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oh posh!

Me and Claire are saying that word for the whole time while waiting for a jeep inside the Ayala Alabang Village going outside, back to ATC. Where waiting and tired going back. Simpletons waiting in a posh village, just saw posh people, stars, water, and bazaar. What a posh life! hehe Which I don’t want to be, even you’re kinda super rich. hehe Ah yes, the village has a jeepney toda, they don’t like trikes I guess.

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"The Big Meet"

As I walk in the dark streets of Kanlaon beholds of such excitement that I got and will getting at that time. I just came from a party of Khaye which I gave the very first part of my blog. I hope she liked it.
It was a simple birthday party for her yet the food was astounding. Damn, my diet was ruined, especially the kare kare and fried letchon. Damn, that dude is a good match to mom in terms of cooking. hehe

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