unplanned 89

Wow, ngayon lang ulit ako nakakapanood ng Jdrama, plus di ako nakaligo today. hahaha For now, all I can say, ngayon pa lang ako nakakagalaw at yes, nakakapahinga. Pero di yun gusto ko pahinga. I need more than just staying at my home and room. hehe Continue reading


unplanned 88

What a cool bath. hehe Pero bago yun, eh the word self-sacrifice is a thought for the day. Para sa akin, its a very long story. I’ll skip that part for now. As I write this now, ayun, naghihintay ako ng last student for the day. Continue reading

Countdown from 1361

That is the free text I have for all networks. I’ll see if I can reduce that into zero, nadah.

Yes, the problem I had with Globe as I wrote before, they are not joking.. They disabled my autoload max feature in my present globe number. At first, I was frustrated because I need to change my number again, which I’ve done almost twice in a year.. And yes, I need to have an extra phone again for this extra SIM. Ah yes, I like I said before, I did lost my 3 sim phone.
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3rd day came in, and almost late again!!! hahaha but good thing is, I did not need a cab to come to work..I was not late.. hehe yesterday was a scary day.. after the shift, it was a stormy morning and I was able to go home.. soaked and wet.. I took a bath right away and ate lunch.. after that, I watched some same TV shows, but only for 30 mins and slept right away, I woke up at 9pm.. good job.. hehe nothing changed.. same ol’ day.. yet I am anticipating the Dark Knight showing in Dell this coming Friday.. hehe and for today, UST vs. DLSU the main game.. I hope I can watch that in my room later.. I believe, UST will win!! hehe good job.. UST will also have a match on Sunday against Adamson.. walk in the park? hehe

I hope UST will win today.. by the my 3rd fave song from Joy Division, Novelty. here’s the lyrics..

When people listen to you don’t you know it means a lot?
‘Cause you gotta work so hard for everything you’ve got.
Can’t rest on your laurels now;
Not when you’ve got none.
You’ll find yourself in the gutter
Right back where you came from.

Someone told me being in the know is the main thing;
We all need the security that belonging brings.
Can’t stand on your own in these times
Against all the odds-
You’ll just fall behind like all the other sods.

You slap our backs and pretend you knew about,
All the things that we were gonna do.
What you gonna do,
What you gonna do,
When it’s over?

You’re on your own now don’t you think that its a shame?
But youre the only one responsible to take the blame?
So what ya gonna do when the novelty is gone?
Yeah what ya gonna do when the novelty is gone?

You slap our backs and pretend you knew about
All the things that we were gonna do.
What ya gonna do,
What ya gonna do,
When it’s over?

the song, it’s about pride, but when I hear it, it’s like a desperate song.. but when I hear this song, the drum beat is very good, bass, it’s given, fantastic, lead guitars? forget it.. hehe but the vocals of Ian Curtis.. leads me to a dark path.. just gloominess I believe.. but the end part is really upbeat, so I was surprised when I first heard it.. hehe but why this song better than the first 2? because this song is somewhat in the middle of things, a bit sad and a bit happy.. but the whole song itself, it has energy, for me.. I don’t know with other music lovers.. hehe energy meaning the mixture with the upbeat drums, great bass, deep vocals and forgettable lead guitar.. this is a good song for me from my fave band.. anyway, that’s all I can write for today.. I will just rest and let’s see if I can post these songs in my profile later when I got home.. oh well.. what a crap.. hehe