All these pictures have one thing in common. No, its not that they are all okonomiyaki. Not even all these have the same flavors… I actually forgot what were the flavors of these okonomiyaki. But all of them, I ate it in just one restaurant, same branch. Continue reading


jdrama: Samurai Gourmet

Few times I streamed netflix and this was one of the series I watched and finished!!! When I first heard this series, I really frowned, because it’s another food jdorama plus it was done by Kusumi Masayuki which is very good at these food mangas.. Continue reading

Beware to eat! Wendy’s

Ok, another type of pangaasar. hehe Food stalls, or even restaurants to really think twice before you waste your money at. Patay ako kay ate nito. hehe Alam natin Wendy’s is famous for their baconator, hmmmm side salad at masarap na ice tea at yes! Frosty! Then, other burgers na din, like the bacon mushroom melt and sorts. Continue reading

flashbacks: Lourdes Snack

90% ng inorder ko sa Lourdes Snack sa tanang ng buhay ko ay laging.. Adobosisilog. hehe Adobo na napakasarap, extra half rice at rice, at siyempre itlog. =) Lahat ng lourdesian, ah este, di ka lourdesian pag di ka kahit napadaan dito. Ito’y institusyon na sa LSQC, kasi panahon pa ni Kuya Alpro, eh nandiyan na yan. Kilala pa nga siya nina Aling Lourdes. hehe Si Mang John burger, di kinaya sila kaya ayun.. Lahat ng gutom mo, hamburger at mga pritong panalo, nandito sa Lourdes Snack.

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pancit canton ni Mang Rudy’s

After a very hot day from that pest test, este test.. hehe Damn, since matagal pa ang result and they advised to wait for their response, I went home na. But before going home, eh since morning at that day, I ate well, only ensaymada at drunk some water. Then I went to that company, doing some tests. Some of it were boring, some of it were well, I enjoyed. Except for the last test, nakakangawit sa kamay..
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