Black Panther

I have no idea who is this Marvel Hero. I mean I did like him in Civil War, very interesting character and let’s say cool because he wears black. I saw the trailers and I was kinda drawn to it, then decided to watch it in a later date. Continue reading


Classics: Sword of Doom

Japanese Cinema won’t be recognized globally without samurai flicks or chanbara as casually called. The typical story of men and women engaged in the way of samurai. It shows  a lot common types of stories such as a wandering swordsman helps someone or a village, swordsman in the middle of political struggle, or simply a swordsman on his way to retirement but called upon to serve one last time. How about a swordsman who is destined to die but yet, want to do one last meaningful job.. There are a lot of stories you can really think of.  Continue reading

Kingsman: The Secret Service

When first news broke out that Matthew Vaughn will not direct the X-Men days of the future past, well it was a sad day. I mean after doing great at First class, then it’s expected he’ll save X-Men for good.
Unfortunately, it was not. He chose this film than doing X-Men.
After watching this film, I know why now. I hope Bond was this bloody, I mean literally bloody great! What’s more interesting is what I found out later. Continue reading

Manila Kingpin:The Asiong Salonga Story

When I saw yun trailer nito sa TV lang, sabi ko, iba to sa ibang entries in MMFF. I read na din sa news sites, and as well, it shows in black and white. Wow, edi panoorin na tin. hehe Although may mga balita na dati na sobrang gulo ang nangyari dito from almost not including this in the MMFF and yes, after reediting and reshooting some scenes which mukhang ginawa nga, eh Direk Tikoy wants to discredit him making the film. Geez.. Gulo talaga di ba?