Before We Vanish

By the way, thanks for Cinema One festival for showing this film here! The other films shown were great and I’m looking forward again next year. Wow, I don’t like ABS CBN that much but this is one of their saving graces to me. hehe Continue reading


Yuki Onna (Snow Woman)

Until now, I can’t believe I was able to ask Sugino Kiki sensei two questions about her after watching this film. haha Priceless moment. Anyway, I can’t believe she was able to deliver this gorgeous looking horror story. Continue reading

unplanned 38

Now, di na ko pupunta ng GH, kasi wala pa naman ako pera pang bili ng kailangan ko. hehe This past weeks were hectic for me. Ulan dito, ulan doon! Bwisit. hehe Now, maaraw na, nalaban na yun mga damit at higit sa lahat, yun mga shoes ko medyo nalinis na. Pupunta na ko sa Japan Film Fest sa UP since yun flicks eh di ko makita sa aking source. hehe
Besides, makapasyal nga sa UP, at libre naman yun showing, so ayun.

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