Transporter Refueled

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m a transporter film fan, even I did not watch the short TV series. hehe Well at the first news they said that a new actor will act for the transporter, I was skeptic who will act this one. They also planned that to reboot the story.  I don’t what Besson is doing for his past films, even they were produced by him. I think the only one I can say successful film he produced, was Lucy. But that was not really good film, story wise. 

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unplanned 65

Dapat kahapon pa ko nagsulat but due to some tiring and messed up circumstances, I crammed. Procrastinate. For short, tinamad. 

I can’t laugh or even have fun until this moment. Sabihin na natin na talagang I just want to get away or something… But I can’t. Ni di nga ko nakapagouting dahil well, may bantay at ayun pa, kailangan gawin. It’s sad pero ok lang naman ko. Either way, ok lang.

For now, mabuti na lang maluwag ang kwarto ko pero napakainit. Nakakabwisit na init, summer time na nga. hahaha Medyo nakakatawa na ko. For the past weeks, pasaway ako, pero buenas pa din. Masaya pa din. Yun next post ko malalaman niyo kung bakit. Etong 2nd quarter na to na start, medyo shaky pero ginagawa ko na nang paraan. It’s really hard to adjust when you have pressures from home to work then vice versa. Everyday.. Iniisip ko at ramdam ko na parang kulang ang 2 days off. 
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