Flashbacks: Floating months

Siyempre after my birthday eh ayun nagprepare na ko for the JLPT N5 exam for the second time. Actually everyday eh nagaaral na ko. Self study. Yeah, as much gusto ko Italki.com eh una mahal and second, so busy. I also enrolled into a new work. So it was very hectic for me plus the additional work that never ends!!!!!! But I’m working it now so para matapos na. hahahaha Continue reading


Transporter Refueled

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m a transporter film fan, even I did not watch the short TV series. hehe Well at the first news they said that a new actor will act for the transporter, I was skeptic who will act this one. They also planned that to reboot the story.  I don’t what Besson is doing for his past films, even they were produced by him. I think the only one I can say successful film he produced, was Lucy. But that was not really good film, story wise. 

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