Blue Ryzen

It’s the first time I’m working in a computer that is freaking lighting like a christmas tree. haha Ngayon makapag taglish nga ko. hehe enough sa mga intro. Eto mga specs! Continue reading


Eye of the Beholder

Hmmmm, honestly I don’t know what to right at this time. For 15 mins now, I can’t really say or think what’s in front of me. This post might look like an unplanned for me. hehe I’m just looking around my files and downloads in my computer. Continue reading

unplanned 70

Pagkatapos nito, dalawa na lang! hahaha Mahahabol ko na yun mga post na kulang ko for the past, 3 months? Grabe… Hay ano ano kasi inabot ko malas sa computer, una DVD drive tapos sa huli, palit HDD na talaga. Ayun, eto mukhang bago ang computer ko. Ang bilis! hahaha Mamaya yun ultimate test.. Pirata!

I learned a lot at those times na parang ano na gagawin ko pag ayaw gumana ang pesteng computer ko. Dun ko natutunan na importante ang computer ko kaysa sa phone. Second close ang phone. hehe I mean in my material possesions. Grabe ang DOTA dati kasi nagsave pa ko para sure na aandar, pero sa bagong HDD, isang save lang at tuloy tuloy na ang laro! Ganun pala. Kaso kailangan ko magingat kasi seagate ito kaya yun rumors na madali ito masira eh malalaman na natin in the next years. hehe
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Iron Maiden

No more electric fan focusing in my CPU. No more wishes that my CPU will run. At higit sa lahat, wala ng freezing windows. hehe Well, after a tedious installation, pero may problema pa… I feel relieved that after 7 long years, I have now a new computer! It doesn’t look Iron pa, pero Maiden naman na sa specs. hehe  Continue reading

blue screen of death!

bad trip, I am typing an important event here then that blue screen of death showed up. Bad trip, di ko pa nasave. hehe Well, I will just post that tomorrow. Wala naman ako ginawa last night, or Saturday, medyo tinamad ako. hehe Natulog ako ah, before that, naglaro ako sa PS2 ng KOF with a broken controller. Then natulog nako na natulog. After that, I woke up early today, then do the usual stuff. Watched how Suns torched the Blazers, also how the Hitman won today, na no match with the Magic Man. Ewan ko kung bakit Magic Man tawag sa kanya, wala nagawa yun magic niya to win the fight. hahaha


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blue monday

Of course, this was one of the best New Order songss but not in my top 5. hehe Anyway, I thought I was going to finish the Air 21 vs. Ginebra game last night, but I feel asleep. I just read that Air 21 still lost even Ginebra has a very depleted line up. hehe What a stupid team. Good thing, my Realtors won big time yesterday. Well I turned off the TV after I fell asleep and slept again. I woke up around 6am and fixing, cleaning some things, read some books and papers, the usual thing. I went out to print some lists and done some errands for Mom. 

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