Oguri Shun san has appeared many times playing anime characters such as Lupin III, see my poor review here; and yes, Detective Conan, I think in Jdrama TV. Fortunately, I think he got this time the right anime character for him! Continue reading


Jdrama: Minna ESPer Dayo!

Yes, tama ang spelling niyan. The series was all about ESP abilities acquired by stupid people. hehe No kidding, talagang after 12 episodes of laughing and mayhem and sci fi crap plot eh yun lang maiisip mo. Pero let me say, I had a hard time laughing, parang bihira ako matawa sa jdrama pero.. Eto gross out, sexual explicit comedy. One of the best comedy na jdrama. Yun lang.. Grabe, panoorin niyo na lang, lalo na yun first half of the series, it was nuts. hahaha Continue reading