Summertime 2017

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Before 30

Can’t believe that my FB was not pestered by greetings. hehe Ok lang, may mga bumati na sa kin, earliest as Sunday.. Yesterday, mayrun pa humabol na isa.. Igz asked that baka wala naman event nakapost sa FB.. Sabi ko I don’t care, for someone who knew me very much, should at least, message me di ba.. Anyway, no bad feelings.. =)
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Don’t ask Norman Black if he is having deja vu. Hehe Yan ay malalman sa huwebes. Akalain mo yun UE, my prediction only to them, at least 3rd or 4th place. Pero etong FEU kasi nakarma kay Barroca, ayun sibakation. Bwahahaha That game on Sunday shows UE has a big chance of ending a long drought. Hehe Sabagay, gusto ko mapahiya si Jaiyabang. Ang lungkot naman ng graduation nila with Badet and Rabeh. Hehe

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Of course, di naman ako ganun. hehe maybe at my blog spot page. While I am typing this, in front of me is a netbook which I only saw earlier, at SM North. By the way, a netbook is a small laptop, which the only purpose is for me, is for internet browsing. It comes for a hefty price, but for the internet addicts like me, it is useful. However, this is not for me. hahaha

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disturbing visitor

at last, I am feeling avail today. hehe After a very hectic Monday, now it is the time for the petiks mode. hehe There was a visitor yesterday that made my day so bad. Natutulog ako ng mahimbing at bigla na lang siya susulpot. Anak ng tokwa, bitin ang tulog ko, actually di na ko nakatulog tapos pagpasok ko pa eh queuing pa! Approaching at the end of my shift, may call pa kong napakahirap, 40 mins ako inabot sa kakasalita sa customer. What a bad day. hehehe Itong taong to, mukhang namumuro na ha. hahaha Sa susunod kasi, magtext or inform me ahead before pupunta, lalo na pagtulog na ko, wala na ko paki sa visitors. Well, tapos na yun, he got the CD anyways.
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akala late..

Bad trip kasi yun mga nasakyan kong mga Jeep, ang bagal tapos traffic pa. Buti na lang, di ako late, kala ko nung una but di pala. hehe I really ran thinking I will be late, but well, I am here, no trouble. I arrived 9:46pm, way before the 10pm call time for the training. hehe Good job! After shift yesterday, I did not do something different. I just ate a very early lunch so I can have a straight sleep, and I did. That’s why I don’t really like 10pm log in because of the traffic in Cubao. Naku, lalo na sa bandang Gateway, dami kasi stranded na pasahero. Damn so jeepneys having a hard time going through.
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approaching day off

Parang wala ako maisip ilagay for today. hehe Kasi naman, after work, I went home, eat and get the rest I need. I watched some shows, pero sandali lang. 4 and a half hours left before my days off. Everything is planned for these days off. So I hope, I will get the rest and energy I need for the coming weeks.

Kaya siguro wala na ko masulat, tinatamad na ko for today. I am eagerly waiting for the last minute of the day. hehe

I will just finish my work today strong and slack later. hehe

Very short for today.