Blog vs. Vlog

I just watched earlier Linus Tech Tips WAN show and talked about RX Vega Mishaps and it was fun. I admit that Youtube now is not only a website for short clips or music videos like before, but now it’s a content creators park. A place where you can say what you feel or inform or great thing is to entertain viewers. Continue reading


flashbacks: Back up Blog

At last!!!! Sa dami kong ginagawa for the past days, eh salamat, kampante na ko na di na mawawala yun blogger site ko. Nakaback up na. 

Tapos na! hehe Kidding. Anyway, I was just worried that this blog might not have any copy. Yes for almost 8 years of writing, I did not back it up. Seriously and all of the sudden, just a safe precaution, I back it up sa aking extra HDD and flash drive. Continue reading

unplanned 51

Wow, nasira ang aking sked for my action brit film fest with 2 new docs from Alex Gibney. One about the Catholic Church and another Wikileaks. Wonderfully done, splendid at kakaentertain at the same time, very informative!

Well, for this week, I can say I was out of sync. That started sa net ko nagloko tapos eto na, sunod sunod na kalokohan! hehe But anyhow, these past days talagang I’m in a daze or simply say dazed and confused. Addict. Pathetic. But well, great things still happen. I thank Him for that. =) Continue reading