Crushes: Gakky

Yes, don’t be surprised that the first words you’ll see her is kinda a letdown for her. Actually at the end, that’s the reason why I kinda like her. hahaha Continue reading


unplanned 47

Hay, well. Where to start? 

As much I want to have fun or be happy, eh I’m worried lang. Due to that test, I’m waiting na sana di malala yun findings or so.. I hope and pray, that whatever I need to be healed or healthy, I’ll do it. =) Especially ngayon na ok na ang work, sked, some things except my computer hehe and a lot more. Life these days for me, has more good than bad. 

Enough of that crap. For now. =) Continue reading

Before 30

Can’t believe that my FB was not pestered by greetings. hehe Ok lang, may mga bumati na sa kin, earliest as Sunday.. Yesterday, mayrun pa humabol na isa.. Igz asked that baka wala naman event nakapost sa FB.. Sabi ko I don’t care, for someone who knew me very much, should at least, message me di ba.. Anyway, no bad feelings.. =)
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a happy greeting

As I looked my previous years of posting, missing ang araw na to. =) Missing maybe just to move on or sorts. But well, can’t remove a habit of greeting her a happy birthday! hehe Actually today, I’m quite down kasi naman sa mga nangyayari this week, but oh well, like what I read in Dale Carnegie’s book, instead thinking of worry, be happy! One of the ways yun. =(
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