Nippon Benkyo: Washoku

Washoku is the japanese word for their very delicious cuisine! Wow, although I like other cuisines like Chinese, Italian or well American… None of them come close to Washoku. I can’t believe that most cravings I have are for this cuisine. I crave for Ramen, Gyoza, Takoyaki and of course, my favorite, Okonomiyaki. Continue reading


classics: Muholland Drive

downloadI was shocked that this film, despite I watched it years ago, did not have a post here. It’s like what Stephen A says, disrespectful! I kinda shocked that the last time I wrote about classical movies was last year. Last year was let’s say last year. Continue reading

classics: Scarface

I do understand now, why Mafia, Gangs and well.. Gangsta all live in the world until now, it’s because of this film. Although a lot films does great depict how organized crime works, like Godfather, Untouchables, Goodfellas, and many more, or how about Gomorra, the italian mafia doc.. But this film, Scarface has a different touch, it has factors which made organized crime, quite popular..
Continue reading