unplanned 43

Well, eto naghahabol for that old school light comedy film fest week. Haba. hehe Anyway, siguro for now as I am impatient of having a new computer and get on with my digital plans eh mukhang waiting style muna ako. =) Before that and to keep me busy, better ready of getting fit. I should read or indeed prepare yun binigay sa kin ni Raims na program and Rick’s program, let’s see if it will works for me. 

For this past week, ayun medyo alat sa QA pero ok lang, bawi na lang for the final weeks. Work although yeah, not really financial rewarding pero ok naman, not stressed or somewhat pressured. Siguro more of improving na lang sa QA and to reach my goals for the next month. I haven’t thought of taking a VL, I’ll reserve that for important na lakad. This year with all that small plans I have, there is one more goal I need to reach..
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Signal no. 1

Of course, we need to be cautious even Pepeng did not hit us. hehe But this is the real signal no.1 I’m expecting to, unlike last week na kala mo twister or doomsday tumama sa atin. Strong winds yet minimal rainfall. Manageable I believe. Hmmmmm. Nothing new for these past days, as usual, same old self. I thought tatama talaga yun bagyo pero mabuti at nadala sa dasal na wag na. Spare our city, good thing, yun mga tatamaan nakaprepare na like Cagayan, all the northern cities in luzon. Whew.

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