What if..

(Cowboy Bebop Film Adaptation live action)

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Nah, I don’t write Berserk. That’s Miura sensee job. hehe But surprisingly, after some searching accidentally, I ended up happy to hear that this series is back, in TV!!!! Wow! I heard the news before that there will be new 3 movies but this news came as a surprise. Even Miura will write a new novel in this coming summer. He has no choice to do the new chapter in summber because the TV series is produced by himself.
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Prison School

I think I haven’t done an anime review for a while or a long time. Anyway, what interest me in this anime was the simple premise, 5 dudes in an all girls school got imprisoned! Due to the all girls school change of heart and to be in line of these times, they thought of adding boys in their school. Then these 5 boys, as well, adolescense hormones rages, planned to peep into the girls bathroom.. Continue reading

classics: AKIRA

Wayback, around I’m 10 years old… Kuya Allan went back from US and brought a lot of VHS tapes, with some stuff. He has some VHS tapes that are really original released, like Indiana Jones, or Robotech, others I forgot. Another title that surprised me, is AKIRA. Nice cover and I’m curious about it. I watched it that time, as a 10 year old kid, obviously I did not understand a bit but I like the action, and of course that “red bike”.  Continue reading