classics: Amy

“You’re wonderin’ now, what to do, now you know this is the end
You’re wonderin’ how, you will pay, for the way you misbehaved”
– a line from a song of Amy Winehouse.
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unplanned 21

Yes, I’m quite addicted to Amy Winehouse these days. hehe I hope she’s fine.. Pano ba ko na addict sa kanya?

Last week, I was able to watch the grammy’s and yes I saw the egg stunt by Lady Gaga and there was a rendition to Aretha Franklin.. Christina, Jennifer, and some diva’s.. I listen to their voices, sabi ko, well, si Christina pwede.. pero yun iba, parang hirap.. Sana nandun si Amy and Joss siguro. hehe O kahit si Amy na lang lahat with Christina o Joss.. Pwede na.

Then yes, I got the 2 albums at ayun, like one of her songs, Addicted, to her. hehe

I hope well, she can have her head clear and make the 3rd album asap! Damn great voice and very intelligent songwriter, very clever, and raw.. Good looks as well, it is, than her chubby look before. =)
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