What if..

(Cowboy Bebop Film Adaptation live action)

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classics: Fist of the North Star anime first movie

I know people or critics, has like their top anime movies list.. Of course, they have these titles like Miyazaki’s movies, then Akira, GitS and other notable anime movies, how about Ninja Scroll? For me, this movie I know it may not make to the all time greats, but damn, I really love it. This is a classic!!! Continue reading

Manila Kingpin:The Asiong Salonga Story

When I saw yun trailer nito sa TV lang, sabi ko, iba to sa ibang entries in MMFF. I read na din sa news sites, and pep.ph as well, it shows in black and white. Wow, edi panoorin na tin. hehe Although may mga balita na dati na sobrang gulo ang nangyari dito from almost not including this in the MMFF and yes, after reediting and reshooting some scenes which mukhang ginawa nga, eh Direk Tikoy wants to discredit him making the film. Geez.. Gulo talaga di ba?