Ring! Ring!


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Flare 3

I eat my words, sa huli, bibili din pala ako ng Cherry Mobile. Bwahaha Hmmm this they should be doing for a long time, a phone na masasabi na sulit! 4000 lang eh ewan ko pa pagdi ka pa nacontento. Continue reading

The West Memphis Three doc series

I stumbled upon a news that after 18 years in prison, 3 guys who were arrested due to murder of 3 8-year old boys and persecuted because of a belief that it was done as a satanic ritual, are free. 18 years, damn, they did miss a lot of their lives.  Of course, I read the facts through wiki and I saw something wrong in their verdict. Well, as the trial did 18 years ago and with a lot of mishandling, inappropriate proceedings and harrowed prejudice, the state of AK persecuted indeed 3 innocent boys. I thought our justice system is bad, in that case, justice system is a lot worse! Continue reading

Alamat ng Amats!

panglimang alamat: The Girl from the Red Planet

I want to thank LSQC for the math classes I learned from it. hehe Why? Kasi because dahil dun eh nakilala ko itong close friend ko. =) I thought she was a snub at first, lalo na nung sa math nung 3rd year, paano katabi ko pa siya. Then there, paturo ng kaunti at yun na. hehe At nalaman ko na umiinom pala siya! Eh di ayun, unang inuman namin sa bahay nila, Gin Pomelo mix ng Ginebra with Red Horse… At that time, I thought that will be it, I mean, wala nang susunod na inuman kasama siya, pero anak ng tokwa.. For some years, and for the record, siya ata yun pinakamaraming beses ko kasama sa inuman.. =) Continue reading