Eye of the Beholder

Yes, after Duolingo, eh 4 na libro ginagamit ko for self studying Nihongo. Everytime I look at these thick pile, my mind kinda freeze for a minute tapos sige aral lang ulit. hehe Continue reading


What if

(became a Youtuber)

I admit, for the past year, I kinda addicted sa Youtube. Vlog is a thing na sikat na than blogging. It’s sad for writers like me, but well I think another way to reach your audience. Anyway, with youtube, its entertaining, informative especially with gadgets and IT stuff and lastly, variety of ideas/topics! Continue reading

Eye of the Beholder

Sometimes, I hope she’s not into this thing. Maybe she could have choose a different career. As for myself, I’m so enamored to his beauty. Very natural despite heavy makeup or no makeup at all. The pictures I’m always seeing, very mesmerizing. I think any get up, fits her very well. Whether its sporty look, glamour attire or even the everyday casual wear. Office Lady with plain makeup still gorgeous for her. Continue reading