Never Not Love You

Well, hmmm di ako fan nila JaDine ok. hehe Si Gerro kasi crush daw niya si Nadine so wala ako choice kung hindi samahan siya. Pero nakita ko yun trailer, mukhang ok naman at siyempre yun chismis na di matapos yun film due to ehem delays and some events, mabuti at mapapalabas na. Continue reading


Nippon Benkyo: えいが

I think you won’t believe that other than Anime, JPOP or even Jdorama, this is the first thing made me love Japan. Their movies… Oh boy, I thought I’ll love British movies but damn, Japanese movies are just a lot to offer!!!!!! Continue reading

Eiga Sai 2018

Siyempre, 3 to 4 months from now, it will be the most anticipated and the only Japanese film festival here in the Philippines! Yehey and as usual, I won’t go. hehe I won’t list a lot of films kasi gaya last year, kakapagod pala ilista yun marami. Yun guess ko coming from Japan Academy Awards and some of my guesses lang.
I won’t divide it to categories, dumadami eh. hehe Continue reading