Crushes: Gakky

Yes, don’t be surprised that the first words you’ll see her is kinda a letdown for her. Actually at the end, that’s the reason why I kinda like her. hahaha Continue reading


Coming in 2018

Parang tatlong oras na lang 2018 na! Ano ba mga plano ko? =) Kapag tumatanda na talaga at sa bilis ng panahon, at tinatawag ka na ng tito, naramdaman ko na talaga na kailangan sumabay sa panahon. Napansin ko na din na lumaki na nga tyan ko. Di na nga ko umiinom. hahaha Baka lang sa holiday season lang ito. Continue reading

Morrissey: Autobiography

Hmmm I think this is the first time that I’m reviewing a book or I think I forgot to review Ian Curtis’ book. Anyway, whew, it took me a long time to finish the book due to its length! 450 pages of non-stop bickering, reminiscing, ranting and enjoying his life all throughout. After reading it, now I understand his side of the story of the most infamous break ups in music, The Smiths. Continue reading

Nippon Benkyo: おんがく

One post is not enough to really describe Japanese Music or others call Jpop. As other people went bananas with Kpop or well, new pop artists.. I restrained hearing other sounds of today. Except for Jpop and want it can offer. You can see some pictures in this post as I show some of the Japanese artists I love. One thing is for sure, I’m not into Idol music. hehe But if has great looking idols, why not like those. haha Continue reading

following the flashbacks post, my entry

I love watching movies! It’s one of my favorite past time in my life. If I remember vividly, the first time I watched a movie was in a betamax player. Somewhere in Time was the title. I did not understand that film when I watched it, maybe because I’m only like 7 or 8 years old back then. I watched it again when I got old and I can say it’s was a very bittersweet romantic movie.

Continue reading