Japan Academy Prize 2017

I think I should do this, together with Jdrama, every year… Continue reading


Flashbacks: JLPT N5 test

Sorry, only few pictures I can show here. Sa stress, eh 2 picture lang ata nakuha ko. Pero nung naglipat ako phone, sorry, nawala. hahaha Check nyo na lang sa IG ko. Naku parang hahanapin ko pa. haha Dahil matagal pa naman ang result, eh balikan natin kung ano nayari, este nangyari sa kin. Continue reading

Nippon Benkyo: おんがく

One post is not enough to really describe Japanese Music or others call Jpop. As other people went bananas with Kpop or well, new pop artists.. I restrained hearing other sounds of today. Except for Jpop and want it can offer. You can see some pictures in this post as I show some of the Japanese artists I love. One thing is for sure, I’m not into Idol music. hehe But if has great looking idols, why not like those. haha Continue reading

Best night Jdramas

After watching the late night Jdrama Dead Stock, I really like watching Jdramas at night for 2 reasons. First, unlike the usual primetime Jdramas or normal day Jdramas, themes are quite conservative. Topics here are quite liberal and well, unique. Its like, topics are the usual and if lucky, they just cycling the themes of the dramas. Like for example, medical dramas then police dramas or family dramas or sometimes, legal dramas. Love stories, kinda rarity these days or seasons. At night dramas, everything goes! Continue reading